Working both closely alongside, and reporting to me, the company Founder, this challenging role is a unique opportunity to get involved with an exciting, and highly disruptive food brand that has very big ideas — and an ambition to become a household name all over the World.  

If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with the brand, or a customer, or ideally, both.

Even more ideal though, would be that you're more than familiar with the brand — you're an admirer of the brand, that is to say that as a "marketing person" you recognise, respect, and maybe even praise the practices of the business, at least with regards to its marketing/branding achievements. 

I have been solely responsible for all of GET BAKED's marketing activities since I founded the company in 2011. That sole responsibility is all-encompassing in every sense — no other person, for example, has ever written or choreographed a single post to our social media in that time. 

I am an ideas person, and these ideas consume every aspect of my life — what a bloody nightmare.

As the company grows, diversifies, and in many ways transforms, the time has come for me to get help from a professional.

I know what you're thinking  — therapy isn't the answer here, and whilst actually you might be wrong, that isn't the sort of help that I was hoping for. At least not in this instance. 

I am not a marketing professional, I am a GET BAKED professional, in as much as my ability to market the brand is innate, because the brand is essentially "me".

More often than not, I work remotely, the majority of my day is spent laying on the floor trying to predict the future — I'm not a psychic medium, I'm just trying to think how this thing I've built is gonna play out, or should I say, how I want it to play out.

Even though my flesh-and-bone presence will be infrequent and sporadic, you and I will work unbelievably closely, as together we try to hash out what the hell is going on here. 

I want you to be creative, creativity is great and there's lots of room for it, but I am not searching for a strictly creative person — I have enough creativity kicking about already. I am looking for someone that can take the existing creativity, and all of the chaotic madness, and turn it into tangible, actionable, and measurable plans. 

I am not going to start listing job roles, because anything I do list will just be stolen from another job description, and it just seems disingenuous and pointless.

The right person will know what this sort of job would entail, so the above, I think, should suffice.

The only prerequisite for consideration for this role is that you are a marketing professional, and have been for a number of years.

You must also enjoy that shit too, because who wants to end up in a new job working in a field that they previously disliked — not you.

Previous experience in "management" is not necessary, because I don't really have any and it's never done me any harm — you also won't be managing anyone yet, because you will be a one man or woman or otherwise marketing dept. 

You must live in Leeds, or be willing to travel.

The salary is negotiable, as are the hours of work, and other specifics. 

Please apply by emailing me directly on